Failure Analysis

Deep Metallurgical Services provides specialized service in failure analysis of equipment such boiler tube, steam drum and water drum, headers, reformer tube, pig tails, condenser, gasket carbomade reactor, transmission tower damper, hooks, ship hull, propeller, shaft, impeller, sea water pipes, gas turbine component, inlet and outlet exhaust valve, gears, wire rope, ball bearing, chemical plant pressure vessel etc.

Failure analysis has become a diagnostics approach to ascertain the cause of failure. The first step in diagnostics of failure analysis as has been performing in DMS is the fractographic examination on the selected sample employing the Scanning Electron Microscope or by Environmental Scanning electron Microscope for non conductive specimen. It is well known that the definite cause of failure can only be analyzed from the fracture surface which is commonly known as fractographic examination. DMS believes fractographic examination by SEM . The advantage of SEM of its high resolution and large depth of field, fracture surface can be examined directly without any restriction. The introduction of ESEM, it becomes possible to investigate fracture surface directly even if it is coated with any nonmagnetic or oil or debris. The features of fracture surface of steel have been well defined and exemplified.

Ductile failure : Ductile fractures are known as dimple fracture . Dimples can be equiaxed, coarse, fine, shallow , deep etc. Dimples are cavities initiated usually from inclusion. Thse inclusion may be sulphide inclusion, alumina, globular oxide etc.
The techniques that are used for ascertaining the cause of failures are as follows:
  1. fractography examination by ESEM
  2. micro chemical analysis by EDS
  3. phase analysis by XRD
  4. spectro chemical analysis
  5. macro and micro hardness
  6. microstructure
  7. macro examination
  8. corrosion test
  9. Mechanical test
  10. Non Destructive test
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