In House Testing Services

Mechanical Test Services

DMS has been performing tension test as per IS1608 reference to ISO6892 and both follow metric units...


Micro structure is obtained when a material undergoes phase transformation which could be mainly due to diffusion...

Chemical Test

An OES is an indispensable tool of chemical analysis and it is used for analysis of solid sample. In OES, sparks excite the sample at surface

Failure Analysis

Deep Metallurgical Services provides specialized service in failure analysis of equipment such boiler tube, steam drum...

IGC Practices & Pitting Corresion

Susceptibility to Inter granular Corrosion (IGC ) of austenitic stainless steel can be determined by ASTM A262, ISO3651-2 ...

Weld Evaluation

Deep Metallurgical Services provides specialized service in welding and welder’s approval services.
Onsite Testing Services

Onsite Metallography

DMS have proven capability of conducting Onsite Metallography which is commonly known as replica metallography.

Onsite Ferrite Measurement

Invariably all types of austenitic stainless steel contains ferrite with percentage depends mostly on the chemical composition...

Onsite Chemical By PMI

The model Delta DI200, classic hand held XRF analyzer (Positive Metal Identification) is an alloy analysis utilizes...
Remaining Life Assessment
DMS is well versed in heat trating and can assist with routine trouble shooting such as errant hardness and case depths...

Onsite Hardness

Plate, pipe, bar, forging, casting, structural Vessel, Butt weld, fillet weld, repair weld. Header, water and steam drum,...


Ultrasonic flaw detection,
Magnetic Particle Inspection,
Dye penetrate test,
Onsite /portable hardness test,...
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