Onsite Metallography

DMS have proven capability of conducting Onsite Metallography which is commonly known as replica metallography. DMS have facilities for In - Field replica examination to determine metallurgical structure by an experienced metallurgist.
Insitu Metallography
Insitu metallography allows direct and quick evaluation of metallurgical condition or assessment to confirm the fitness for service as a component or as a system. Deep Metallurgical Services (DMS) have been employing this technique to monitor the plant health condition.
Replica taken at site Replica taken at site

Replica showing carbide at grain boundary

Replica taken at site can also be observed and analyzed in the laboratory by optical microscope or by environmental scanning electron microscope when sufficient time is available. The comparative analysis between insitu and onsite metallography is given below;
Parameter Insitu metallography Onsite metallography
Technique Insitu assessment and interpretation with no replica Onsite assessment through replica
allowing sufficient time for interpretation
Microscope Mandatory; high resolution Optical microscope at site Optional ; high resolution optical
microscope at site
Imaging Mandatory; digital image capturing system at site Optional for digital imaging system
Decision Based onIinsitu examination Based on replica examination
at site or at laboratory
Manpower Mandatory ; experienced metallurgist with field service team at site Optional experience metallurgist
may not available at site
Mag. Optical; 400x with 4xzoom Optical; 1000x, ESEM- 10,000x
Normal grinder and polisher optional
optional electrolytic polisher.
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